Life in the fast lane: Daryll Neita, CJ Ujah and the Jordan XI

December 3, 2018

We teamed up with Olympic GB sprinters Daryll Neita and CJ Ujah to celebrate the launch of the Air Jordan XI at 18montrose. Showcasing the iconic sneaker on some of the UK’s most exciting young athletes, they gave us the inside track their plans for the new year, how they both spend their downtime, and what the Air Jordan silhouette means to them.

How would you describe your off-track style?
CJ: My off-track style is very stylish and I love fashion!
Daryll: I would say I’m quite well dressed, I like to keep it casual and quite plain clothes wise but dress it up with a nice pair of shoes/trainers, a coat and a nice handbag.

You’ve both competed around the world, when you’re travelling what do you miss about London?
CJ: The different cultures that come together in the city.
Daryll: This is going to sound crazy! It’s always nice to travel and try different food, but sometimes I just want what I can trust and that’s Nandos.

What’s the best crowd you’ve raced in front of?
CJ: My home crowd, London!
Daryll: Definitely at the 2017 World Championships in London, in the Queen Elizabeth Stadium.

If you weren’t sprinters, what would you be doing?
CJ: Maybe music I’m a big music fan, and sometimes in my spare time get into the studio.
Daryll: I studied fashion design in college, but I found doing a fashion degree and full-time training was too demanding. So, I study sports management instead. I probably would have carried on with my fashion design and try to work my way into the Nike design team.

The UK sprint team seems like a close bunch, are there any other countries you spend a lot of time with?
CJ: Erm, not really, some Americans and now Michael Zeze who is French and in my training group.
Daryll: If I had to choose, I would say the Canadians are pretty friendly and so are the French.

When you’re not training what do you get up to? How strict are your regimes – do you get much time to enjoy yourselves?
CJ: I play a lot of FIFA so video games, and I’m also a big foodie.
Daryll: When I’m not training, I’m studying, and if I’m not doing that I’m probably meeting up with my friends or spending the day shopping in London.

We’ve got you in the new AJ Concord XIs, do either of you play basketball? Who’d win a 1 vs 1?
Daryll: I don’rt play basketball but pretty sure I’d win.
CJ: I’d win! I watch a lot of basketball, I actually watch it most days and know the game.

What does the Air Jordan mean to you?
Daryll: Air Jordan represents style and success.
CJ: It means a lot because since the first one came out that I knew about, I wanted a pair; plus, I’ve got a little collection of Jordan shoes now.

You both represented Team GB at Rio, what are your targets for Tokyo 2020?
CJ: To medal! To me, it’s a realistic target. I didn’t have the best year in 2018 but looking to use 2019 and a good stepping stone going into 2020! It’s going to be tough, but I love a challenge.
Daryll: My goal is to add more medals to my collection.

Air Jordan XI ‘Concord’ 8/12 online and at our King’s Cross and Nottingham stores.